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YR1549 Psychedelic Eucharist with Bitcoin and Lady Churds

Madge goes for a stroll during one of the last days of this year which is still skort weather. She talks about the books she’s reading as well as Bitcoin. Finally, we get to hear and old recording of Ladybird Johnson.

berbacia clemons grizelda hagatha

YR1529 Quelle Surprise!

Today’s very special show includes the return of one of the most widely requested Yeast stars of all time: BERBACIA CLEMONS!

Before that, however, you get to hear from Grizelda and Hagatha, who both have some fascinating tales turd tell.

debra wilkerson Podcasts ragan fox Roger Smalls

YR1524 Turd! Turd! Turd! (To Everything There is a Season)

Nice letters from Roger Smalls and Madge’s surgeon. Then Madge disgusts current events such as, Trump’s ratings replacement, headline dissonance, Cheney’s censure, The Squad crying, #medicareforall #m4a, Stimulus, #bitcoin, Israel cures covid?, Biden and the South African Covid variant. Finally, Madge plays some real talk that she had after they recorded Pod Save the Queens Podcast the other day with Debra and Ragan.

Max Keiser

YR1363: Max Keiser’s Merkins

Madge pays a visit to Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report as they pass through Chicago for the upcoming Great American Pilgrimage TV Show.

LOOK: Madge even did SHOW NOTES: