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YR1563 The Future of Fatness with Grizelda

After seeing a startling cover of Self Magazine portraying a morbidly obese woman as the “future of fitness,” Madge called Grizelda for an emergency grum. Before that, however, we have a reading of Madge’s papergrum ( by Bliriā„¢. After the emergency grum, you can hear side II of “Sexy Stories with a Yiddisha Flavor Told by the Haymisha Comedian Marty Gale.”


“It has been my pleasure to be associated with Marty Gale. He is a warm down to earth personality gifted with the talent of reaching people and tickling their funny bone. You can even feel the audience contact.

He has appeared in many summer resorts in the Catskills. In the early 50’s appeared in a Revue on Miami Beach called “Bagels & Borscht”. Had a hit record called “Shleppers Rhumba” & “Yenta Serenade”. Recently had his own club in Miami Beach called “Marty Gale’s Living Room” where he did a one man show.

To coin a saying, “who said you can’t be risque without being vulgar. As that famous Chinese philosopher Chin Levy would say “One spin worth 2000 words.”


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YR1557 Booty Squirrel Chat with Berbacia

Madge and Berbacia talk current events such as rotten house and the booty squirrel from Instagram. Also, her latest porno squirrel from Australia. Enjoy.