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YR1524 Turd! Turd! Turd! (To Everything There is a Season)

Nice letters from Roger Smalls and Madge’s surgeon. Then Madge disgusts current events such as, Trump’s ratings replacement, headline dissonance, Cheney’s censure, The Squad crying, #medicareforall #m4a, Stimulus, #bitcoin, Israel cures covid?, Biden and the South African Covid variant. Finally, Madge plays some real talk that she had after they recorded Pod Save the Queens Podcast the other day with Debra and Ragan.

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YR1520 New Year Grum

Happy 2021! Madge brings in the new year with some listenturd feedback from Emily, Rogers Malls and TDYLN. Also “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts,” side one.

Album art by John Werner
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YR1512 An Open Lesbian

A letter from Roger Smalls, a grown up talk with Hagatha, sex accidents from TDYLN, and a quick chat with Grizelda, interspersed with bizarre messages from the 1960’s from Victor Lundberg.

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YR1509 Election D

This is the last grum before the big election, and we’re going to celebrate in true yeast style. First, Madge reads a nice letter from Roger Smalls, followed by a nice conversation with Hagatha about how she became obsessed with eating the brown. Lastly, we talk to Tammy about some nice general topics which I forgot as I write this summary. You will enjoy this grum.

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YR1506 Finger, Scissor, Eat Out?

So many people and things in today’s grum! A letter from Roger, Tampon Tammy introduces a new game, Grizelda is fat, Debra talks about altspace, and Hagatha returns!


YR1501 He May DAAH!

So much NEWS! Debra joins, Grizelda joins, Madge reads another letter from Roger Smalls, then bloopers side 1.

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YR1497 Figuring it Out

Here is a lovely grum. Madge takes a nice walk, reads a letter from Roger Smalls, and welcomes a first time guest Leanne Kubicz (as heard on Wrong Reel and The Film ’89 Podcast. Lastly, Marx Brothers 4A.

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YR1493 Why?

Madge reads a nice letter from Roger, then she walks about after the rain, followed by some fantastic nostalgia.

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YR1487 Slimming World/Biden Mukbang

Madge gets a little more real and specific when it comes to her views on the 2020 election. Detailed show notes, however, are not included due to the fact that Madge is one-handed. This is not the fulfillment of Ragan Fox’s wooden hand prophecy but rather the result of a terrible biking accident. Also a staged reading offered by Roger Smalls and Red by Madge Weinstein provides first look into the Slimming World as soundtracked by a terrible Asian mukbang.


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Yeast Radio #1000 Until There’s a Cure…

Yeast Radio #1000 is also the longest show in Yeast Radio history. Please spend your next work day listening to this 5hr 45min pogrom instead of working.  Show notes after the album art below. CHERYL MERKOWSKI is my co-host as per usual.


Show Notes/Guests:

Max Keiser Intro
Dave Winer and Adam Curry
1st grumm yeast yoga goddess invocation
Goddonawheel remix POwerGay
Ragan FOx
Rachel Kann
roger smalls poem

schrokc sex tape
True dooty s02e02
White 1Turd Whisdom
Baby Jane’s Pear Fatty Limerix
Dame Joan Sutherland
Sanitary Pads