comedy albums Roger Smalls solo

YR1614 Bloat from the Underground

After a two week vacation, Madge returns with her inner dialogue and a letter from Roger Smalls about the submarine, followed by terrible voice messages from Ragan and then a real treat: side one of “The Sound of My Own Voice and Other Noises” by Severn Darden at the Second City. Recorded in 1961 at The Second City Cabaret in Chicago.

Madge Weinstein as Rihanna advertising Louis Vuitton
Album art by Taylor H.
Roger Smalls solo

YR1604 The Lesbian and the Cagener

Madge is depressed and Roger Smalls travels through a worm h0le to rescue her.

ragan fox Roger Smalls

YR1603 Yeast Quiz Show with Ragan Fox

Ragan joins Madge for a dramatic and exciting quiz show which covers the first 18 years of Yeast. Quiz questions by Roger Smalls. You can play along at home.

Broadway Roger Smalls solo

YR1591 Solo Blow Out

Madge disgusts her colonoscopy. It’s riveting. Then she reads a letter from Roger about The KWEEN. Finally, side one of Angela and Bea in Mame.

Album Art by John Werner
comedy albums Roger Smalls

YR1572 Queening Chair?

Madge pays her gentile audience a quick visit, reads a letter from Rogurd Smalls, and then plays Pigmeat Markham in “Tune Me in.”

by John Werner

cycling grizelda kutwijf Radio Plays Roger Smalls


Madge goes into in extreme cycling K hole after Ragan sends her a new clip of a Walmart freakout. Then, Madge reads a couple of emails from Roger Smalls. Next, Grizelda talks about how fat she is in New York City. Lastly, we have a rare recording of Gloria Swanson in a a radio drama called “Murder by the Book.”

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YR1524 Turd! Turd! Turd! (To Everything There is a Season)

Nice letters from Roger Smalls and Madge’s surgeon. Then Madge disgusts current events such as, Trump’s ratings replacement, headline dissonance, Cheney’s censure, The Squad crying, #medicareforall #m4a, Stimulus, #bitcoin, Israel cures covid?, Biden and the South African Covid variant. Finally, Madge plays some real talk that she had after they recorded Pod Save the Queens Podcast the other day with Debra and Ragan.

Old Time Radio Roger Smalls TDYLN

YR1520 New Year Grum

Happy 2021! Madge brings in the new year with some listenturd feedback from Emily, Rogers Malls and TDYLN. Also “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts,” side one.

Album art by John Werner
grizelda hagatha Roger Smalls TDYLN

YR1512 An Open Lesbian

A letter from Roger Smalls, a grown up talk with Hagatha, sex accidents from TDYLN, and a quick chat with Grizelda, interspersed with bizarre messages from the 1960’s from Victor Lundberg.

hagatha Tampon Tammy

YR1509 Election D

This is the last grum before the big election, and we’re going to celebrate in true yeast style. First, Madge reads a nice letter from Roger Smalls, followed by a nice conversation with Hagatha about how she became obsessed with eating the brown. Lastly, we talk to Tammy about some nice general topics which I forgot as I write this summary. You will enjoy this grum.