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Yeast Video: Tampon Unboxing with Tampon Tammy

Feminine hygiene and Yeast Radio celebrity Tampon Tammy opens a box of assorted tampons from the Rite Aid and gives her first impressions, professional opinions, and even a demonstration with tampon model Vanessa in this inspiring video. Please visit Tampon Tammy’s web site: and throw her some cash if you enjoyed her video. Editing by Madge and graphics by Debra.


Yeast Video: Gummies Candy Review

Jax.Makes.Stuff and Madge Weinstein get together and review a Japanese DIY gummy candy kit. TRIGGER WARNING: If you are upset by profoundly bad production values, this video may trigger you a lot. Visit

Graphics by Ms. Debra Wilkerson of Church of Debra Podcass