YR370 I’m sick of coming up with titles. It’s too hard. Go ask Wanda- she’s ten feet wide.

Super long show

Double length show with 1/2 mash up or something.

Notes by Matt Blender.

House smells like dog shit.

Ran into David Cerda, who told me about a blue-haired mutual acquaintance’s recent shit-talking.

Chauncey’s medicine mixed with Eukanuba Senior dog mix. h df: is this okay?

Wanda Wisdumb turned 31.

Tiffany from Playboy Radio might be on my show, or vice versa.

Karla from Rumor Girls might become my domestic partner so she can treat her yeast infatuation. She also hates blondes.

Leave me a voicemail: 208-888-CUNT. Email: [email protected]. Or leave me text messages in the comments section of this site.

Ragan Fox’s original reading of yesterday’s poem. From his book, Heterophobia.

Hate mail from Neil, a 55 year old gay man.

Pondering new names for my fragina.

Grizelda is participating in Self-Transcendence Race in memory of Gussie for and Visual Aids.

Promo for What Would Jesus Do Today’s new podcast.

Visit and become a financial backer of the Yeast Movie.

Voicemail from some hillbilly who thinks I should lay off the Republican bashing. Thanks for his feedback.

Vagina remix from Brian.

Helena Handbag in Toronto quotes Orwell in his take on my ongoing language debate.

Studs Terkel on discussing politics and religion.

Go visit today!


Bush has racked up $3 trillion in public debt.

A Chaplain’s view of torturer.

Warparations: time to put a leash on the oil industry.

Matt the Mad Scientist (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MATT BLENDER): come over and clean my dirty panties, pussy.

Go check out the new shows on Podshow.

One day I would like to have religious people like the Lifespring guy and Steve Webb on as guests, but not right now.

Kooky Chinese lady at postage stamp says “Jesus Christ!” all the time.

Six degrees of Barrack Obama.

h d from the Artist’s Eye and Dr. Fran on Podcaster News.

I need the 82nd airborne porno, the Colon Farrell porno and the German cannibal video. Can anyone help a sister out?

Norm Augustinus is at Starbuck’s alot.

Vaginal masturbation.

Thoughts on the donkey dick vs. the lavaleer?

Therapy: processing death.

Reading comments from the Eat This Hot Show site.

Cheryl’s take on the Eat This Hot Show cuntroversy.

Wanda Wisdumb some Febreeze with her when she visited my place.

PW Fenton is jealous of my fragina.

Gigantic musical medley.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

41 replies on “YR370 I’m sick of coming up with titles. It’s too hard. Go ask Wanda- she’s ten feet wide.”

I want to get this “You Don’t Have to Be Jewish” album. Apparently, it was nominated for a Grammy in 1965 in the comedy recording category. It lost out to Bill Cosby. But it was probably funnier.

“…or maybe ‘The Blackhole’, because nobody wants to go there…well, that might work…Trotsky, stop humping my foot!” I laughed for about ten minutes after hearing that sequence.

Is Ragan’s “Heterophobia” on CD? His reading of it was incredible!

oh… silly me madge yeah i guess i can go back and download them from the website, i wasnt thinking, but no only 10 shows ever show up on the ETHS directory in iTunes, im not sure about other RSS feed programs but thanks

and i loved the Biggie you know us BLACK people love the rap music

Donkey dick sounded better but on thing to consider when you are doing an A/B test as you did: When you are using the lav really close to your rig you are getting a lot of immdiate slap back that I don’t think you get in the rest of the house.

What do you think that you are going to do get people to impeach the president? It’s not going to happen. Senate and House are all in bed with Bush, there is no difference between Democrat or Republican. NO INDIVIDUAL HAS A VOICE, only corporations do. Max ans Stacy have it right, just set yourself to profit financially from all of this and then stay as long as you can, then move to venezuala.

Nice Poem Ragan, donkey dick sounds better, but not much difference.

I think both the lav and donkey dick sound good, just different. Lav does seem more natural, and the donkey dick seems more “radio-ish”.

And Ragan’s reading of his poem was very powerful. Need to get a copy of that to give out to straight people.

There is more “bass” in the donkey dick. It sounds like you are in a fancy studio. However I like the lav when you are cleaning up dog shit and such. I think that you should keep both so you can be a versatile lesbian.

PS – Don’t ever change

On Sirius it seems to thin out vocals,
the Donkey-Cunt makes up for it, The lava can get a little thin on Sirius,
I sit out in the car and listen to Sirius sometimes because I’m a loser with nothing better to do, so I’ll hear the same show twice, and everyone sounds thinner, almost like AM

I fucking love you madge, seriously. No day is cornplete without some yeast and lucky bitch. Work the thing.

I was just at the Obama site today telling some guys I work with about how beautiful I think he is, and can you fucking believe one of the guys didn’t know who he was!! ACK!

I don’t understand why all these queens have suddenly come out whining about how much they loved the “old” Madge. What “old” Madge? How the fuck has your show changed? I’ve been listening for over a year and the only difference I could see is how you’ve moved with the political climate. The lack of structure, the left wing rants, the misanthropic humour, the hilarious vulgarity is all intact. It seems that these self-righteous “former listeners” are suddenly getting overwhelmed by the problems in your country and want escapism and to wallow in their denial systems. In other words, they’re humourless pussies and you’re better of without them.

BTW The Colon Farrell sex tape is one of the most boring, unerotic videos I’ve ever seen. It’s seriously not worth it. She was faking it the entire time and kept getting pubes in her teeth. He wouldn’t just shut the fuck up and his “dirty talk” is cringe-worthy. Oh and there’s no money shot from memory. Don’t bother, even for research.

I’ve only been listening since about last October or November. Mostly because seeing Madge in action at that Podcast Expo thing made me realise she was a lesbian with real talent! Unlike a lot of the whiners there. I think I subscribed around the time of the iTunes rant.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed all the shows since then. Obviously some of the ones in Feb were too sad for the word “enjoy”, but I certainly wasn’t going anywhere.

So, I enjoy all the shows and like some more than others. I don’t know why, don’t analyse them, don’t want to. I loved the last one so much. I could have been high on Green & Black’s drinking chocolate, but I think it’s just because it was a great show. πŸ˜€

Oh, I loved this show too – even the gigantic music medley, which I listed to in its entirety, bopping along as necessary.

I guess as long as it’s real and passionate, the rest falls into place.

Funny thing is I tried getting into Yeast Radio months before – probably last March or April, when these people were probably still subscribed. I liked it in lots of ways but didn’t see a reason to hang around and get hooked in. I had a lot of podcasts to listen to back then.

The people who want “old” Madge (whatever that is) can never seem to qualify it in ways that make sense. It’s like “she’s offensive, she’s rude, she’s angry, she’s nasty, etc”.

Well, yes. And your point…?

Your story about the “Jesus Christ” lady reminded me of my roommate in grad school, who was from China, and who always said “Jesus Christ” all the time. “Jesus Christ” when he was happy, “Jesus Christ” when he was mad, “Jesus Christ” when he was having an orgasm (because I walked in on him once)…

I think it’s a language thing. People who are learning English as a second language hear the words slung around so often that they think it’s just a harmless colloquialism like “Gee Whiz” or something. They don’t realize, it’s blasphemy!

But it didn’t matter, because after a few months of living with me, he learned to say “shit” all the time instead…

Great show, Madge. Seriously. From Ragan’s Heterophobia (I cried…) to your “Gigantic musical medley” it was really great. No need to apologize for the length. πŸ˜‰

as much as I love to dislike ragan, and was ready to hear something to make fun of…. I was tremendously moved by his piece, the delivery was not at all what i expected, it felt straight from the heart, and illustrated perfectly why I am still angry with Adam Curry about his “rant.” Thank you for playing it. I think it is not Ragan I detest, but his OL persona. Moments like this and one video I saw really make me love him. If only for a few moments. I am glad you played that.

Mikeypod- You’re not serious, are you? I just don’t understand why anyone would dislike Ragan’s persona but perhaps you were being ironic.

ALSO: I just got the birthday givt. Thank you SO MUCH! How increadibly thoughtful of you especially cuntsidering the importance of the music on that album!
Much Love,
Fat Madge

But aren’t you one of the brilliant colleagues?

Not that I want to get in the way of the war. Ooh, especially if it’s one of those Ionesco kind of wars, where plastic mannequin legs are flying around everywhere, and…

Never mind.

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