Yeast Travel Update

In 3 days, i’ve been in Chicago, miami, and now I’m stuck in New York because I missed my cunt nections for Amsterdam.

So I’ve been using the qPodder cuntributed shows to fill in for me on Sirius which so far is working out great! Thanks so much to those of you who are helping out. I’ll try to let you know when I play them. This week, I played RumorGirls on Thursday, Cheryl’s Whore Hole on Friday. PNS Explosion will play on Memorial Day. After that will be Bicyclemark followed by Tranny Wreck and I expect Karmabanque. I’m playing these in the order I receive them with the exception of time-sensitive shows which I will play sooner.

UPDATE: Please visit for Randy Wicker’s footage of the Q-Me con videoblogging panel in which a PodShow/qPodder representative spoke.

UPDATE #2: I finally made it to amsterdam. I’m at bicyclemark’s house. We’re going on a bloat ride. Look for videos on and Lady Bunny on Eat This Hot Show #34 which I just posted.

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I started eating the cookies that were meant for you this morning. So it’ll just be coffee and fruit.

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