YR466 The “Weagelizer” and his Weaglies

Guest Chris Weagel and I rip on a wide range of topics from Robert Scoble’s huge stomach to… well to a bunch of stuff.

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Shownotes by Matt Blender.

I’m pissed at the vlogosphere and bloated Robert Scoble saying he’s some kind of vlogging expert.

Scoble parades his fat kid around conventions.

Chris is pissed at the pure acceptance of horseshit in our culture.

The repealing of the constitution vs. the Foley sex scandal.

Chris Weagel does Human Dog and he’s a member of The Pan.

Chris tells me about each of the eight members of The Pan.

A parakeet saved a woman I met from suicide.

I skipped the Portable Media Expo because I hate cliques.

Eric Rice and his bad haircut.

Google Video is underrated.

Scobel is using the Vloggies as a promotional tool for his own company.

Chris nominated the Gang Bang scene from Other Peoples’ Mirrors on Insane Films for best overall vlog.

My experiences with Vloggercon vs. the transgressive underground film movement.

There’s so much fear and repression in the US.

Anyone with something to say is considered a freak.

The Katie Couric/Condi Rice interview.

I’m the syphilis of podcasting.

Cheryl Merkowski

China is using mobile execution buses.

Falun Gong is a purely spiritual organization.

Two thousand Chinese people had their corneas removed by their government.

Stem cell research isn’t okay, but Chinese organ stealing is?

The only solution to apatheticness is engagement and education.

With habeas corpus in danger, it may not be a good idea to let your kids travel abroad or for me to move to Europe.

My European friend had to take down his blog.

There’s no humanity left.

People don’t understand the ramifications of habeas corpus.

Creationism museum in Ohio

Time Magazine Iraq soldier report from the field.

What’s so great about Scobel?

I like Dave Winer and Doc Searles.
Neo Cons romanticize soldiers and yet they won’t fight in the war themselves.

Alexander was a psychopath who’s now remembered as a great leader.

Everything I was taught is bullshit and everything is a scam.

The Catholic church is a scam.

“History is written by the victors.” -Winston Churchill

Ghandi’s son on Democracy Now!: it’s not natural for people to kill each other.

Spike Lee documentary on New Orleans & Hurricane Katrina: the levys broke in a previous hurricane because someone (the government?) destroyed them with dynamite?

FEMA cut off communication in New Orleans immediately after Katrina.

Gutless cowards want to be slaves to their own stupidity.

The government’s reaction to 9/11 was a complete joke. And yet people ar campaigning for even more defense department spending.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

20 replies on “YR466 The “Weagelizer” and his Weaglies”

INSANELY good show. THE PAN is my absolute favorite vlog bar none, and is one of a mere handful in the sea of crap you both descrived so well that inform my content.

On my trip to the US a week ago, I talked to someone who worked with Condasleeza. She said that her affect on people is hypnotic and almost drug-like, to the point that one thinks her ideas and beliefs are the greatest in the world and make total sense while you are in her presence. Only afterwards, she said, when you can’t open your mouth in opposition, did one realize that she shat on the boardroom table.

Nice show — compelling and thought provoking.

Richard, I loved your analogy about people being the bubble being fed by the handlers. I think shows like this are people on the outside of the bubble knocking on the bubble to those on the inside saying, “hey, do you know you’re in a bubble?” Unfortunately, you’re preaching to the choir but for people who can move between inside and outside the bubble, this show and shows like it are important because they can bring the message to the bubble-only dwellers. I do think many people get all wrapped around the axle with what does Opera think or does Elizibeth Hasselback really not bleach her hair or does Faith Hill really love Tim or worse yet what was the score of that contrived war/battlefield called “sports” or what-ever-the-fuck-else that doesn’t really matter. I’m sure if one could get one’s organs taken while one is still alive by a government sanctioned group, one may worry less about what Paris Hilton told the police about some other Slut-ebrity.

I do think, though, you and many are a bit black and white on the Catholic church. I’m not a big supporter of organized religion in any way but even you said when Juan was dying, that the Catholic hospital was kind to him and did some good in this world. Though I disagree with the way the churches, including the Catholic church, looks at many issues including the gays, I do know that they also do some good stuff, too. I worked with many not too pretty, selfless Catholics who ran organizations that quietly did good deeds for under privileged and people down on their luck without any fanfare, glamour or TV cameras. For every pre-pubescent fucking priest there are even more people who do their part to clean up some ugly part of the world (like the Mother Teresa types – but for less popular). And while I think it terrible for some church administration people to prey on children and worse yet, others cover it up (and I think the church brings it upon themselves in a way because they don’t allow for married priests and just about all religions make sex the whipping boy of morality), I do think that one can not paint the entire entity with a single color – bad or good. I think that once you see what I’m talking about you’ll probably agree because you, yourself, speak out about improper labeling.

This Yeast 2.0 thingy is rather interesting as Richard Bluestein emerges from behind the Madge shadow. I’ve always thought that Mr. Bluestein was an even more interesting character than Madge (though I do love the Madge).

Great show honayee. Love the christ-weagals… even if both of you called me names… it is okay because it is true. HONAYE. I like how I got worked into a rant. Hot.

One crit-eak honaye… if you are finnah castrate americunts for not making a big deal about habeas corpus, and say how it is so important (which it of course is)… you might be smart to explain to these “americunts” what exactly “habeas corpus” is! When I think back, many of my professors would… [not very long ago, mind you… (as I am only 25)… ] ask students that used big words like these in answering question during class what the word meant. If they couldn’t explain it, despite the fact that they were using it to answer something in class, we would stop and talk about what it meant. It is hard to have a meaningful discussion of such a term if you cannot explain it to people. If you do not make such important terms accessable to people… especially if people are as dumb as you say they are…. what do you expect them to do? If you don’t know what it means, ya don’t care. It just sounds like a bunch of latin scat. HONAYE.

I swear I heard madge queef in the background. Iz you keeping her imprisoned? HEH?

I thought the same thing Cher-ill and I did it on my blog after I finished listening to this show. People aren’t outraged because they don’t know what they lost.

Damn — I just saw the new page for the first time with the last supper theme.

Who did that?

It’s great!

I love it!

Do you realize you’re the one most qualified to be at that table — who else of those folks are Jewish?

Can someone name one time in U.S. history where the vast majority of the citizens knew or even cared about what their full rights as citizens involved?

Lincoln even suspended the Habeas during the Civil War.

Then there was that whole Alien Sedition thing back in the founding father (and mothers) day.

Women were not allowed to vote. A good portion of the population were slaves, and when freed where discriminated against. Not many people lifted a finger.

There used to be sweatshops and child labor.

You had to be able to read to vote.

The draft.

Internment camps.


Miranda rights are fairly new.

On and on and on.

Does that make today’s era any less sucky? Hell no. You are all 100% right.

But it ain’t a new thing. Its been a problem since 1776.

Hey Madge,

I think it’s great to give scrutiny to Scoble, but I think your and Chris’ criticisms would be stronger without the dissing of Scobles’ appearance and offspring which really have nothing to do with anything.

Also, Scoble has been way out in front in advocating for privacy and civil liberties and criticism of China, including Microsoft’s involvement there.

I appreciate your iconoclastic screeds. Keep ’em coming.

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