YR470 Cheryl and a Melting Turd

Phone hell.

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Shownotes by Matt Blender.

Update on Cheryl’s new colostomy.

Cheryl was hired by the Republican party to do PR for global warming.

People have been jumping to conclusions about Madge’s health.

However, Madge has been leaving voicemails on Karmabanque from her hospital bed.

Wanda’s been stalking a Minnesota senator.

Eric Rice has a bad haircut. He seems to like it when I make fun of him.

Ragan: call Cheryl.

Geek Brief.

I’m babysitting my niece while my their parents go to a Rolling Stone concert.

I know the half-brother of a Queer Eye guy. The half-brother was in my Hebrew school carpool. He had a diabetic mom.

Brian Place sent me an email bitching about Max from Karmabanque. Then Stacy read it over my shoulder.

Cheryl says she would do Stacy.

I’m going to see Stacy in Milan.

Cheryl has an injunction against her.

Cheryl’s take on my recent movies.

Other Peoples’ Mirrors

Puppet show with clowngina.

The Worst Thing About Filming People Having Sex.

Tim Can’t Reid.

Willing Warrior

A fan of Steve Irwin calls in and yells a lot.

Andy Melton calls in.

Andy didn’t get the job because he’s too fat.

Andy had a dream about Puffy.

What Andy had to eat.

We need to get Andy Melton on Richard Simmons.

Cheryl’s going to do a Behind the Lipps show.

Andy’s interested in open-source software.

Andy camwhores for chubby chasers.

Cheryl craps on her webcam.

Andy’s a grower like Dace.

Guys online contact Andy and hope they can “feed” him.

Andy’s opinion on the Madgeless version of Yeast.

My music mixes.

Andy’s thoughts on the QPodder design.

Advertising revenue on blogs?

I liked Andy’s podcast where he played guitar.

Andy’s fat, pathetic, and humorous.

Cheryl got boned in the bathroom.

The Falun Gong stuff makes me sick.

Katie Couric’s ratings are dropping.

No one watches TV anymore.

Is Mrs. Slocombe going to Vlog Europe?

I hate air conditioning?

Andy has thyroid problems.

Cheryl needs to get some culture.

The definition of habeas corpus.

I hope Puffy knows more about law than Cheryl.

Cheryl needs to go to the QPodder party with Pizzababe.

Andy can’t come to the QPodder party.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

11 replies on “YR470 Cheryl and a Melting Turd”

HAHAHAHAH! Richard’s attempt at an Australian accent = hilarity! Oh god, those drugged out Steve Irwin fans are an embarassment to my country – what a trainwreck! Most of us are glad he’s dead. Great show.

Fuck, I actually meant to write a little more than that but accidentally clicked. Here it is:

I agree, Miss Melturd would be great doing a podcast. He has a great voice, fabulous accent, is really funny and knows lots of stuff too.

Those random skype callers weren’t from Australia – they were from New Zealand, you can tell by the way they pronounce “I”s. (I know because I’m Australian)

Leave Mark alone you bitches!! He is very SPECIAL! Cheryl…I was on State Street today and I thought I saw your panty waste ass …but there was no child care around…my fat ass must have been mistaken :(@!

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