YR480 Cindy Sheehan Exclusive Interview

An exclusive half hour conversation between Cindy Sheehan and myself.


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Shownotes by Matt Blender.

Adam from This Boy Elroy leaves a voicemail about the Foley scandal.

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Cindy Sheehan is my second celebrity interview. It’s an honor to have her on my show.

I read a moving passage from Cindy’s book, Peace Mom: a Mother’s Journey.

What Cindy was like before her son Casey died.

Nick Zedd has called Cindy our nation’s conscience.

What our nation’s conscience has to say to its citizens.

Immigration protesters have more of an American fighting spirit in protests than anyone.

The occupation is inflaming Islamic jihadism and damaging our global reputation.

How do you wake people from their political numbness? Do you resert to Karl Rove-ian tactics?

Cindy’s mass email: Is It Vietnam Yet?

Cindy wants to know why people are surprised we’re in the midst of another Vietnam.

Cindy’s doing a sit-in on election week.

Cindy’s take on pro-war Democrats, voting for the lesser of two evils, a third (or even second) party, etc.

Hillary Clinton’s political race.

Will Cindy run for political office?

Cindy’s moving to Crawford, Texas.

More on Cindy’s sit-in.

Are people becoming more outraged? And are they outraged enough?

How to follow and get involved in Cindy’s Gold Star Families for Peace group.

My observations from my Camp Casey visit.

Anyone can have their own voice with podcasting and video blogging.

Cindy on the White House’s PR statements suggesting withdrawal from Iraq.

The death toll in Iraq.

Where Cindy gets her news.

Cindy’s take on nationalism.

What Cindy has to say to my listeners.

Bush/Imagine mash-up.

Earthlink ad.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

22 replies on “YR480 Cindy Sheehan Exclusive Interview”

Random thoughts:
Struck my the ordinariness of Cindy Sheehan. Literally just like anyone else in America, yet she can see, and call this system what it is. I appreciate the matter of fact tone she uses in describing the military industrial complex.

Also struck my how very different she is from so many americans. People, adults, walking around in a sort of child-like limbo. I’m just amazed still seeing people walking around their entire lives in a state more contemptible than cattle. There is simply no desire to learn or to understand. I wonder if it ever existed at all in some of them.

That idea is almost counter to my thoughts on the major media. As much as I want to see Bush etc on trial for war crimes, I want to see the monsters that run the major news organizations hauled in front of the same jury and held accountable for their complicity in this madness.
I have had this thought for some time now and do not know how to reconcile it with my support and belief in the first amendment. I am truly at odds with myself on that one. Goddamnit they were complicit and remain so to this day. Their very existence is an insult to thinking people everywhere. Their endless stream of lies…

I hope Cindy does eventually run for Congress.

Thanks for the show, Richard.

I think you said it in that Cindy has been an inspiration — particularly to you. Listening to this makes me better realize from where you are coming. As much as it was an interview with Cindy Sheehan, it was an insight to what makes Richard (and for that matter, Madge) tick.

Also, the fact that you landed her as an interview — you kick ass, Richard.

I’ll listen/type out the interview for you Madge. I’ll try to e-mail it to you tomorrow (Tuesday). Flatz

I think it was a great interview. I do think that there is a great deal of fear of people to get out and protest because of the images they see on that dammed television. I agree with what Cindy said about not voting for the lesser of two evils, however, in this election, that is what I will be doing.

Ok, is anyone working on the transcript?? I’ll start working on it if not. Also, how do I donate to the Jennifer Snoddy fund?

Great job Richard. Interviews like this are the reason why independent podcasters and video bloggers like yourself are important. We all need to take away the power of the corporate media. Please do more from people with all different spectrums.

As far as Cindy Sheehan.

She is 100% right on her message of peace. And the death of her son is tragic. He should be proud of her.

But she is way off on how to get there.

We need to be “Karl Rove” like and people like her, with a national spotlight, need to run for office.

And not this goofy sit-in crap. None of these “protest moves” to Texas. Sitting outside the White House in November from 10:00am to 10:00pm only gets you cold.

People like her need to run in Districts where they are viable to win.

Because you know what Richard? The only way to change the world is to have a place at the table — not sitting outside of the meeting room lighting candles.

Sorry, but it is true.

Last year she was kicked out of the State of the Union. You know what? If she was a Member of Congress they could not kick her out.

Asking to have us “protest vote” is very dangerous and selfish. Remember Ralph Nader?

There are times when the lesser of two evils is better. Its realistic and it gets results. Is this sad? Yes. But its a rough world out there.

Remember “Four Dead in Ohio?” You know where they are today? Still dead. Protests rarely work. Does anyone know who those four dead at Kent State’s names even are:

Killed (and approximate distance from the National Guard):

Allison Krause 343 ft (105 m)
Jeffrey Glen Miller 270 ft (81 m)
Sandra Lee Scheuer 390 ft (119 m)
William Knox Schroeder 382 ft (116 m)

I did not know that, I had to look it up.

Run for office Cindy. Vote Democrat. Or raise the cash (with the help of many, many people) to create a viable third party (good luck with that)

I can. So can you. But the amount of money we would have to raise, on our own, would be a real deterient to a successful campaign. As of October 2006, what big donors, unions, PACS are going to give us money and endorsements? If we woke up tomorrrow determined to be in Congress, it would take us ten, maybe more years of very hard work to even be considered seriously. Successful grass root campaigns are a product of Hollywood.

Not saying it couldn’t be done — but it would be an amazing miracle. Sadly, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” is an urban myth.

Cindy Sheehan could, in proper the Congressional District, be able to raise the money and be a sitting member of Congress in a very short amount of time. Could have done it this election cycle, and the next cycle to come.

We need more third party candidates who run in districts in which they can actually win, but we also need people to vote strategically to avoid disasters like Florida in 2000. Statements and actions that don’t produce results are a total waste.

Yes, So can I. Absolutley and perhaps some day I will. BUT- there are always ways to see how it won’t work out. But having fun in life, IMO, is playing PHil Collins and working against the odd.s Bill Clinton came from nowhere. He was just smart… that’s all. There are other examples. You just need a vision, a message, and most of all you must be clever.

Great interview. Cindy has a very clear, simple message that makes perfect sense.

I think the most amazing thing anyone in the US can do next month is vote for change and encourage others to vote too.

So, I hope lots of people hear this, think and vote for peace.

Not sure why my comments rarely show up after I write something but I have already typed out the transcript.

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