yr568 Marketing Bloggers are Worth Protesting for, not War!

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Shownotes by Dace

Madge: lesbian with a vagina.

A blogger gets bullied. More info here.

A picture of you with panties on your head is not a threat

Robert Scoble doesn’t know what art is.

Evil vlog.

People don’t care about their rights.

Madge is nice, but mean.

Scobleizer, and the protection of marketing bloggers.

Hate speech and Adam Curry’s discrimination.

Jeffery Taylor and Apple’s LGTB directory.

Madge’s grand-niece and hot dogs.

Freedom of speech is a right.

Rebecca Nay‘s comment to Adam Curry goes unplayed.

Trotsky is with Hollye.

Podcamp meet ‘n greet. Visit site for details.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

17 replies on “yr568 Marketing Bloggers are Worth Protesting for, not War!”

Hi Madge-I love the show-sometimes I cry laughing or get lost in your music & sometimes like today you really made me think-thanks for all your hard work.

Picture of panties on the face!?! …methinks that is kind of hot! any hoo, you mentioned that podcast listenership has flattened. I don’t understand… just glad your still here. Podcasting wouldn’t be the same w/o you. – I agree, (like your sister said) “your not mean, just say mean things” … sometimes, just sometimes. But honestly, that is what i like about the Madge. – that bitch, the one your talking about on your show so an arrogant ass! – “we have to fix this culture” … rrrrrrright

I actually like the female blogger in question’s blog, she’s funny and smart. It’s more about usability than marketing, but whatever, she ain’t no civil rights expert.

Madge, I agree with you not only on the issue of freedom of speech, but also why the supposed threats were misinterpreted.

I think these people would vehemently defend their right to make unfavourable remarks about a company or product they blog about, because that’s what is important to them.

I think Kathy put a number of unrelated incidents together and panicked. An update to her blog seems to suggest that she regrets posting about it now, not least because she’s getting shit for it.

Properly famous people have to deal with this stuff every day, and unless they’re A-list, don’t have minders. I would expect most of the people so appalled by the blogger’s troubles wouldn’t think twice if they saw something similar about some random celeb.

And then there’s Rebecca’s comment to Adam – placing the blogger’s issue alongside that really brings home the double-standards people apply.

I’m just glad we have a lesbian as smart as you, who sticks to her principles and doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind.

Oh fuck, then I read the Bellyizer’s blog, and he’s all about how it’s because she’s been treated as a women and stuff, and I guess that’s a taste of what it feels like to be hated not for who you are, but what you are.

How fucking ironic.

Mizz Trannywreck: Ur commentz were a++ and so true honaye. BlahWHORE!

Madge: You are a fucking whore… but, whoregain, so rightz.

Cheryl: I love u. Oh wait, that is me. U are beautiful, sexy, and SMOKAY!

why do people expect adam’s show to be a place for progressive thought and respect for human rights?

I lurve the tranny wreck and appreciate her point.. but many of us podcasting fans put far too much in terms of expectations on the sars code.


I think many people fall for AC’s liberal / progressive credentials because he lived in The Amsterdams and worked for the MTVs, but it turns out he just likes a joint or two and met Boy George once at a party.


IT’s not about Adam Curry. It’s about hate crimes against transexuals and gays.

Hippocracy always is worth exposing, especially when it hits this close to (my) home.

He is also a role model for lots of retarded podcasters. Those podcasters often parrot his opinions.

It’s very important, actually.

While I can admit that I was duped by AC for quite a while, I would respect him more if he just came out (pun maybe intended) and said “to hell with the gays, environment and equality, all I care about is the mighty dollar.”

When he disses an issue like hate crimes, he disses our whole community. When influential people like AC do this, we have to hold them accountable.

As for Scoblizer’s pity recipient, if you do a blog or a podcast or you put it out there, you have to realize that people are going to make fun of you or oppose you. If there were actual death threats, that’s a matter for the police. If it’s just pictures that may not be flattering, then that’s just part of what you signed up for.

Don’t miss listening to Larry Kramer on Democracy Now! (March 29). It ties into what Trannywreck and Madge are saying.

Madge: Thanks for giving us at least one Mrs. Bailey at the end of the show!

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