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YR580 Poor Sound Due To Apple Power Adaper Fire

See album art for photo of the dangerous apple power supply that almost melted.

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Lyps, lyps and more lyps.

Madge did not call Wanda Wisdumb wok face

Matt Burgess, please send Madge more of whatever you have been sending her.

Madge does not like the MySpace and wants everyone to use FaceBook.

Madge if finna snap.

Lady Raptastic was amazing on the Eat This Hot Show.

Bicycle Mark had a really good post yesterday about the violence in America.

Matt Blender is going to San Francisco for Gay Pride.

InTristen doesn’t like when Madge says prolapse.

News headlines from the Miami Herald about global warming and Iraq killing.

Wanda Wisdom
Big Gay News
Lady Raptastic
Bicycle Mark
Okay So Radio
InTristen’s Jaded City
Pop Trash Radio
Democracy Now

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

5 replies on “YR580 Poor Sound Due To Apple Power Adaper Fire”

OMG honaye… what GREAT sound! Esp when the dogz started barking. WTF mary? Over-mod-u-lation, wut? GRAYWHORE!

U are such a fucking whore. Stealing my lyups.

T&A…. A&C…. lyups.

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