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YR738 Grizelda, Melton, and Live Neti Pod Blogging

i clean my nose good in this pogrum

guests: Grizelda and Andy Melton

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

5 replies on “YR738 Grizelda, Melton, and Live Neti Pod Blogging”

You should try doing an episode at night to see if you get more audience. I know lots of people who can’t watch it because they are at work.

@Grizelda – sounds like you need to quit doing these short little marathons and start doing Ultras. I’m doing the 50 mile trail running race in Huntsville in two weeks. The big one is the 100 miler. These types of races are all off-road, not about speed, just about enjoying the scenery. Lots more lez-bines as well.

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