Yeast Radio #1127 A Serious Change of Pace: The Algeria Hostage Crisis

Today’s show is not the light-farted typical yeast radio fare.
My guest is a Norwegian man whose uncle was killed in the recent hostage crisis in Algeria.
He wanted to speak about the event and the politics surrounding it and for some reason he chose me to do that with.
So here it is:

Algerian Hostage Crisis discussion on yeast radio with raymond and madge weinstein

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

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Interesting grum. You had mentioned RT’s response to the bill they passed concerning “gay propaganda.” I went to check out RT’s coverage of it, and you’re right. There is next to nothing about the issue and what is there seems to justify the bill. What’s more disturbing than the lack of coverage this “progressive” news organization has devoted to this issue is the comments that they allow after their tiny mouthpiece blurbs. The remarks are on par with a thread on

As a result of this, I can no longer watch, read, or see RT for anything other than it is. What a shame, I hope they’re exposed for this to their Western liberal base.

Very interesting grum!
btw I read that France imports most of the Uranium they use in their power plants from Mali. Me thinks that explains a lot…

It is interesting that PRESS TV also have the same rep as ‘reporting the news FOX et al’ won’t by the left here – depsite the fact that Iran is hanging teenagers for being ‘gay’ etc

Despite the horrible circumstances, it was an important conversation and story to tell the world. Unrelated to the main point of this show but a conversation point that happened in the second half, I just wanted to say here in a public forum (and Ill say it privately to both you and our dear Norwegian friend) but Im really honored and it means a lot to hear you mention my name in the same breath that you speak of the kind of stories and reporting you think has value. I wish I could better put into words how that makes me feel… but thank you..

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