YR1210 Crummy Crimmus Grum

Enjoy this wonderful grum with the usual turds: Cheryl MerkowsK, Debbie Wilkerson, Madge Weinstein, and even a cameo from Lucille Bluth’s daughter Ragan!
yeast radio crimmus 2014 grum
Crimmus show notes

Merry Crimmus from Madge, Cheryl and Debbie. Madge opens the show with a classic Cheryl recording of ‘Cheryl’s Christmas Churds’ and ‘The 12 days of Crimmus’. CVS call for a friend, the introduction of two best of collections by Dan Gladys. Best blacks, Cheryl’s comments about Sylvia Brown, best of true doody, epic no abort and so on by super fan Francesco Vassallo.
Girl talk for a few and then Cheryl talks about her confrontation on a SBB board. The long awaited new song by “Walls Fall Out” creator GladysFreak and sung by Debra Wilkerson with inspiration by Anal Dora, “Feed it all to me”.
Cheryl admits that the Facebook group was a good idea.
Cheryl tells about her black friends visit to a BPH hospital and then Madge tells about her dads yellow hospital.
Madge reads a post abortion pamphlet. A call to the Sybaris hotel by Debbie, can a man ejaculate in a pool? Failed calls to Denny’s, club z and no abort. Don’t turn in numbers unless they deserve to be harassed, it makes Cheryl feel bad. American WhoreHole Story with the dramatic conclusion of SBB’s purse storyline and the start of SBB’s partnership with Jane Brewer to steal Cheryl’s cunt turd. Soooo long! Madge and Debbie got ice cream. Debbie called a prayer line about her ring she wants to buy and those dang black men tempting her from Christ. Debbie calls a truck stop to fulfill her lot lizard ways after Cheryl plays with her lyups for a prayer line. No abort, Cheryl was hung up on by a Christian robot but Debbie got through so Cheryl could reset her for abortion instructions.
Madge tells a tech story about an Apple failure then of her mothers attempts at cooking with expired food. Princess Ragan called in and demanded a six hour grum with her own phone numbers for a prayer line.
This was a very productive grum for donations. Thank You Listeners! Little Debbie will get a gym membership while Madge can pay debts and Cheryl will buy more apples and chest-it’s for the grum.

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