Chickens hagatha Radio Plays solo

YR1533 Dark Side of the Lapse

Madge takes a lovely walk on a gorgeous day, then she talks with Hagatha about her stay/vaycation. Afterwards, Madge visits with the chickens and talks to Karen about them. Finally we get to hear Lana Turner in a radio play.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

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Please re release physical copies of Madge’s European Vacation! I would also love to see the live video recordings!!!!!!

I remember this DVD!! My ex-boyfriend got one at the time, a prized possession. I wish I still talked to him..
I’ve often thought there should be more madge merch, who wouldn’t want a bloated lesbian t-shirt with album ‘ark?

it’s nice to hear Haggy again.

Great show. It would be interesting to cover the self cancelation of C.O.D.
Have you thought about doing something similar to DV where there is a free show and then the extended show for a small fee?
What is your telegram group name?

I think it was you and Lady Bunny who were talking about being grateful. Was there a book you guys mentioned? I want learn more. Please. Thanks.

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