Al Gore Supports 100% Equal Rights for Gays (Gay Marriage included)

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

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Ugh I have to post links.. this will be tiring:

International Herald Tribune Audio News
NEwsdesk from the Guardian
Mixed Greens from EWG
Living Planet from DeutscheWelle,2142,3072,00.html

and the show I mentioned is called THE WIRE and youve probably heard of it but if you havent… go find it.. watch it.. its in its 5th and final season.. its better than any sopranos or any so called police drama out there. its a great critique/depiction of an American City.. especially.. of Baltimore.

Yes – looks to be shaping up to the best President there never was, from the outside anyway.

That’s what happens when you judge people on the size/run of their campaign and PR blitz and not ideas…the 2 running atm are extreme meh, IMO.

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