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YR743 It’s the Environment, Stupid!

guests: Bicyclemark and Chris Weagel

links from bicyclemark:
International Herald Tribune Audio News
NEwsdesk from the Guardian
Mixed Greens from EWG
Living Planet from DeutscheWelle,2142,3072,00.html

mona trotsky by fashion sloerie

“Mona Trotsky” by Fashion Sloerie

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

13 replies on “YR743 It’s the Environment, Stupid!”

Choice cutz:

Madge: “Max was right on about this stuff, not like the rest of us weren’t…”

Bicyclemark: “I love Max very much or at least like him a lot… they’ve done a lot for me, but, a lot of people including Max and Stacy,, they really enjoy being right… I think we’re missing something even all the 9/11 conspiracy theorists have the same problem they lay out a little argument, which may or may not be right, in Max’s case a lot of it is turning out to be right…(And here’s the stinger)
But you’re not offering anything to stop it, your not offering much of anything, all you’re doing is being right and celebrating being right.”

(“Et tu Brute”?)

Madge: “and making lots of money being right.”

I saw Max and Stacy last Saturday and Stacy said to be that the Boycott of Coca-Cola is still on the front burner.

If Bicyclemark says that Max and Stacy are: “not offering anything to stop it,” what exactly is that supposed to mean?

For some reason Mark has been resistant to karmabanque’s idea of targeted boycotts if he wasn’t then the boycott of Coca-Cola would have been mentioned on your show.

Coca-Cola – Berkshire Hathaway Inc.– ISCAR – Pratt and Whitney – Lockheed Martin Which do you think is the weakest link in the boycott chain and how are they connected?

You talk of the US popularity contest 2008, voting won’t change anything until politicians are no longer are in the back pockets of these corporations and pander to cunts like Pastor Hagee of “Christians united for Israel”.

It’s a sick joke, it’s time to get smart an galvanize into one collective action and karmabanque’s idea of monetizing dissent with a global boycott of Coca-Cola is the best I’ve heard.

I think in terms of political discussion this was probably the best show you’ve done in a while. I wish I could watch your live shows from work, but my company blocks your site.

I don’t know if you talked about it on today’s show (I haven’t heard it yet), but now that Kucinich is officially out of the race I have no idea who I am going to vote for. I will probably write in him or Gore, just because I have no trust in the remaining candidates.

Now that he’s gone I’m with you – it’s stupid.

@Straightchris: The Coca-Cola boycott hasn’t been a topic on KarmaBanque Radio for quite some time, not that it isn’t a useful idea, but I think what Mark was talking about was in regards to recent KB shows.

…“recent KB shows” you mean he’s been worse than he usually is! I’ve only been off the net for two months!
This may sound egotistical but maybe he felt unfettered, as I was no longer able to carp on his blog.

@Straightchris: No, just more entertaining – and informative, as always. (Thanks to Madge turning me on to the show a couple of years ago.)

Don’t hate on bicyclemark.

This is someone who strongly believes in helping to make a difference in the world. He believes strongly in his convictions and does something about it. Can you say the same about yourself?

I have to say that I feel a bit ashamed that I do not have the same convictions that I go out and try to do something about the problems in the world. Mark is does his part.

I am so grateful that I have found bicyclemark through Madge. Both are two individuals who do not care if they are part of the mainstream…they give their point of view and offer it to the masses. If you listen, so be it.

I, for one, aspire to be more like the two of them.

Without doubt it would be arrogant of me to say that Madge and Mark have not contributed in many ways.
Does that prohibit them from criticism about being critical of karmabanque?

The issue is what can be done? Answer: a targeted boycott, the kind of peaceful resistance that was promoted by Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
You have all these Internet: algorithms, linking and social tagging going on; that means the boycott of Coca-Cola is spreading once it reaches the tipping point it will be like wild fire.
These corporations are global, therefore, so should we be.

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