soundscapes Tampon Tammy

YR1505 Welcome to the Lesbian Ranch

Today we have a several parts including Tampon Tammy, TDYLN, and myself, divided by old political comedy bits from the 1960’s record called “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch.”

  1. Tammy 1 – Sister Sledge, Headhunting
  2. Lbj ranch track 1&2 Eisenhower
  3. Tammy 3 – Android vs. iPhone, Did she get it?, The Datalounge, Contact Tracing/Covid API’s
  4. Lbj ranch track 2 Bobby Kennedy
  5. Tammy 4- back to nature, Transparent TERFs
  6. Lbj ranch track 3 Lyndon Johnson
  7. Madge Walkabout – Madge and Emily in Paris, Instagram Congress
  8. Lbj ranch track 4 Lady Bird Johnson
  9. Twinkelboi(TDYLN) VM – butts and weiners
  10. Madge comments on Twinkelboi
  11. FIN

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