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YR1506 Finger, Scissor, Eat Out?

So many people and things in today’s grum! A letter from Roger, Tampon Tammy introduces a new game, Grizelda is fat, Debra talks about altspace, and Hagatha returns!

1-Roger Smalls – letter
2-Rockafeller from “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch”
3-Tammy Finger Scissor Eat Out
4- Nixon from “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch”
5-Debra – #MeToobin #fingerscissorEatout VR talk AltSpace
6-Senator Dirksen from “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch”
7- Walkabout Madge Grizelda – Mugginsuck, Foam and Egg Bagels
8 – Goldwater from “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch”
9 – Tammy and Hagathurd
10 – take California

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unbelievable! shes outlived sylviaids and probably delois too. sounds pretty rickety though, i almost feel sad for her, like some little street pussy

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