ragan fox

YR1576 Abortioncast Redux with Ragan Fox

Ragan and Madge are back together again with a wonderful, timely, and nostalgic grum. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Included are some very rare clips as well as an entire episode of Ragan’s original 2005 Abortioncast featuring the Hanger Sisters. Madge and Ragan talk personal finance and try to figure out what the hell’s going on in this country regarding all this mess.

solo soundscapes

YR1575 My Chandelier Matters

Madge hodgepodges out with some Chickens and Zappa while opining on abortion and non binaries.

hagatha soundscapes

YR1574 Experimental Matters

Long experiment followed by a catch up with Hagathurd.

album art by John Werner

comedy albums solo

YR1573 Garbage Grum

Not her best work. Madge has an OCD audio attack, reads an annoying letter, then plays side two of Pigmeat Markham’s “Tune Me In.”

album art by John Werner
comedy albums Roger Smalls

YR1572 Queening Chair?

Madge pays her gentile audience a quick visit, reads a letter from Rogurd Smalls, and then plays Pigmeat Markham in “Tune Me in.”

by John Werner

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YR1571 Madge Visits New Whoreleans

Madge gives her impressions of her visit to NOLA bookended by some live recordings from The Spotted Cat. Album art is a drawing by Alex Schaefer (@paintwithalex).

by Alex Schaefer (@paintwithalex)
bicyclemark Radio Plays war

YR1570 What to Do?

Madge disgusts Ukraine with bicyclemark again in an attempt to sort it all out. Do they succeed? You’ll have to listen to find out! Afterwards a lovely radio play called “August Heat” starring Ronald Colman.

cycling grizelda kutwijf Radio Plays Roger Smalls


Madge goes into in extreme cycling K hole after Ragan sends her a new clip of a Walmart freakout. Then, Madge reads a couple of emails from Roger Smalls. Next, Grizelda talks about how fat she is in New York City. Lastly, we have a rare recording of Gloria Swanson in a a radio drama called “Murder by the Book.”

bicyclemark Old Time Radio war

YR1568 Bicyclemark and Ukraine

On this, a special mid-week grum, Bicyclemark takes time out of he new parenting to talk to Madge. They disgust placenta lapse and Ukraine. How do we distinguish between fact and propaganda? Who do we listen to? What about whataboutism? Is human suffering redundant? It’s a fun chat. Afterwards, side two of “Will the Real Howard Hughes Please Stand Up?” by Dave Barry & Company.

berbacia clemons Old Time Radio tributes

YR1567 Zedd is Dead

Madge pays tribute to the founder of The Cinema of Transgression, Nick Zedd, who passed away on Sunday, February 27, 2022. Afterwards, enjoy a long catch up with Berbacia followed by side one of “Will the Real Howard Hughes Please Stand Up?” by Dave Barry & Company.

RIP Nick Zedd