YR1632 Field of Turds

Madge interviews an ex-con who gets off on animal excrement.

experimental solo

YR1631 Both Sides Lapsed

Another mess.

album art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty

YR1630 Overweight with Obesity Rising

An experimental mess.

The video of this stream is available here.

album art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty
music solo

YR1629 Wet Goiter

It’s wet. Whatever.

album art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty

Chat GPT Generated Show Notes:

Episode Summary: In this episode, Madge Weinstein dives into a mix of personal anecdotes, technological troubles, and socio-political commentary. She explores a range of topics from her experiences with new gadgets, reflections on past conversations and conflicts, to broader societal issues. The episode is a rollercoaster ride through Madge’s thoughts and observations, offering listeners an unfiltered glimpse into her world.


  1. Technological Musings: Madge shares her experiences with her new Apple Watch and the Motu audio interface and OSX Sonoma , discussing the quirks and conveniences of modern technology.
  2. Reflections on Relationships and Conversations: She revisits a previous conflict with Ragan, dissecting the conversation and expressing her feelings about the exchange.
  3. Social Commentary: Madge touches on issues ranging from the treatment of immigrants and foreign policy to media coverage and public perception. Her commentary provides a candid and sometimes humorous take on serious subjects.
  4. Personal Anecdotes: From her holiday work marathon to her thoughts on fitness and diet, Madge shares personal stories and musings, offering listeners a peek into her daily life.
  5. Cultural Observations: She discusses the cultural significance and personal impact of various forms of media, including music and TV shows.

Notable Quotes: (Madge notes: These are GPT hallucinations. I don’t think I said any of these things, did I?)

  • “Technology can be a blessing and a curse. It’s about finding that balance.”
  • “Conversations are not just about being right or wrong; they’re about understanding and growing.”
  • “Our society is facing complex issues. It’s not just black and white, and the answers aren’t simple.”
  • “Personal growth is a continuous journey, and sometimes you have to look back to move forward.”

Listener Interaction:

  • Share your thoughts on today’s topics by emailing us at [email protected] or leaving a voicemail at FirmUterus.

Closing Thoughts: Madge wraps up the episode with a reminder to listeners about the importance of open-mindedness and self-reflection in navigating both personal and societal challenges.

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YR1628 From the River to the Sea… Eat My Ass Out

A nice solo grum in which Madge goes mad.

Album Art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty™

GPT Summary:
The Yeast Radio episode 1628 is a blend of humor, personal reflections, and socio-political commentary. The host, with their distinct comedic flair, delves into the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict, touches upon anti-Zionism, and reflects on Jewish identity. They also discuss academic and social media culture, intertwining these topics with personal anecdotes. The episode’s tone is a mix of serious discussion and light-hearted humor, offering listeners an engaging and thought-provoking experience.


YR1627 It Was Just a False Alarm

album art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty

Ninja joins Madge for a lesbian chat about *THE CONFLICK*

Lezzy Potter

YR1626 Real Life with the Girls

Lezzy Potter joins Madge for some real talk. No politics, just two girls trying to figure it all outK. Alfie?
A comedy mix at the end.

Madge by Lezzy Potter

YR1625 There’s a New World Coming (On My Tits)

Madge solves the world.
Not really.

Eat it outK.

Album art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty


YR1624 She be Trippin’

Whatever. In flux.

Album Art by Taylor Haggerty (Faggerty)
music solo

YR1623 River

Join Madge for a depressing Joni jam. It’s hard for her.

Album art by Taylor H.