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YR1539 STD Reveal Party

Today Hagatha and Madge answer listen turd questions about douching, STD’s boyfriends, and more!  #gaysex #sextips #gloryholes #bottoming #enema #blowjobs

Watch the YouTube video here.

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YR1538 Himbo Hate Stalking

First Madge walks solo and talks about her menopause clit, Drag Race Holland Season 2, DJ Ralphie Rosario having a street in Chicago, @stacyherbert virtual pee, board drama, and thank yous.
Then she talks to Hagatha about poppers danger, getting eaten out by a spastic, senile tooth loss, himbo hate, hate stalking, pelvic thrusting, bad hand jive instagram dance torture, diaper dancing, The High Hair Twins 🤢, Matt Gaetz hair, Hagatha’s hateful obsession with the disabled, Drag Syndrome, being gay in religious states, Horrible Person, speedy road trips on ephedrine, Hagatha’s blackmail attempt, “I have a hat”, El Paso is hell, and Hagatha sucking cousin Billy Ray’s dick, Incest in Marion IL. Finally, we have the a radio play starring Irene Dunne called, “White Cliffs of Dover.”

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YR1537 Half a Turd

Madge takes a solo walk and talks about families in political systems, healthcare and infrastructure. Afterwards, she returns home and speaks with Grizelda about food, followed by a chat with Hagatha about the effects of doing poppers in a Cadillac. Trigger warning: doody. The conclusion is a radio play starring Olivia de Havilland called “Hold Back the Dawn.” Beautiful album art by John Werner.

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YR1536 Lapsed AF

Madge talks about her recent NDE (near death experience), then she talks with Hagatha about her meth relapse. Afterwards we have a radio play starring Joan Fontaine called “Portrait of Jenny” Lastly, the chickens.

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YR1535 Game of Moans

Hagatha joins Madge for a new sex advice grum. It’s really great and if you want to watch it on video, click here.

Also, a radio play starring Greer Garson called “Brief Encounter”

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YR1534 The Matrix, but for Penis

Some Hagatha, some Grizelda, and an old radio play starring Rosalind Russell, “My Sister Eileen”

Chickens hagatha Radio Plays solo

YR1533 Dark Side of the Lapse

Madge takes a lovely walk on a gorgeous day, then she talks with Hagatha about her stay/vaycation. Afterwards, Madge visits with the chickens and talks to Karen about them. Finally we get to hear Lana Turner in a radio play.

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YR1532 Catfeeshing Bruce Vilanch with *TRIGGER WARNING* Hagatha

Hagatha is really scary today as she disgusts her various exploits. She talks about how she spends her government check on whores. Then, Grizelda joins for a quick chat to cleanse the yeasty palette. Fat.

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YR1531 The Mae-Trix

Hours of fun talk interspersed with songs by Mae West.

Show Notes:

berbacia clemons Chickens soundscapes

YR1530 Love and Shove

Madge does a quick solo after checking in with the chickens. Madge discusses the new book by Viola Voltairine, 150 Years of Gynarchy. Then she chats with Berbacia about some fun topics. Madge asks Berbacia, “Am I racist?”