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YR1584 Mostly

Conversations with Griselda and Hagatha followed by side 4 of The Golden Age of Comedy Volume 1

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YR1583 – EMERGENCY GRUM: No Freedom Unless You’re a Gun

Today Roe v. Wade was overturned. Madge reacts. Then she talks to Ragan Fox about it. Also a letter from Roger and side 3 of The Golden Age of Comedy.

comedy albums hagatha Old Time Radio

YR1582 Roaches Happen for a Reason

Hagatha and Madge discuss many fun topics, including roaches. Then, Side 2 of The Golden Age of Comedy Volume I.

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YR1581 Hagatha’s Roach Circus

Madge rants whilst she rubs her own feet. Hagatha reports on the latest street drugs. Also, The Golden Age of Comedy, Volume One, Side One.


YR1580 Last Minute Grum

It’s very upsetting.

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YR1579 Drinking with Broken Glass

Today you will find out why Hagatha drinks coffee out of a broken glass. Before her, Madge reads an email from Roger Smalls and then chats with Grizelda. After everything enjoy a radio play starring Ginger Rogers entitled, “Kitty Foyle.”

Chickens grizelda hagatha Opera solo soundscapes

YR1578 Trophy Piss

Madge chats with Grizelda, Hagatha, the chickens, and herself interspersed with arias of the great Zinka Milanov.

  1. Couch rant
  2. Puccini: Gianni Schicchi: O mio bambino caro (all arias turday by Zinka Milanov)
  3. Walk rant
  4. Giordano: Andrea Cheniere: Act III La mamma morta 
  5. Grizelda
  6. Puccini: La Boheme: Act III: Addio del Mimi
  7. Hathathurd
  8. Puccini: Manon Lescaut: Act II: In quelle trine morbide
  9. Chickens
  10. Side 2, Including Verdi’s Otello Act IV: Canzone del slice; Ave Maria and Dvorak’s Ruskala: Act I: O Lovely moon
hagatha Ninja Podcasts Radio Plays

YR1577 Jezbian

One of my favorite lesbian, Ninja (of Ninja Radio), joins me for a long talk about many topics such as what the fuck happened to podcasting and abortion (both). But before that enjoy a brief catch up with the disgusting Hagatha and after Ninja enjoy a wonderful radio play, “Jezebel” starring Bette Davis.

album art by John Werner
ragan fox

YR1576 Abortioncast Redux with Ragan Fox

Ragan and Madge are back together again with a wonderful, timely, and nostalgic grum. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Included are some very rare clips as well as an entire episode of Ragan’s original 2005 Abortioncast featuring the Hanger Sisters. Madge and Ragan talk personal finance and try to figure out what the hell’s going on in this country regarding all this mess.

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YR1575 My Chandelier Matters

Madge hodgepodges out with some Chickens and Zappa while opining on abortion and non binaries.