YR1628 From the River to the Sea… Eat My Ass Out

A nice solo grum in which Madge goes mad.

Album Art by Taylor Haggerty Faggerty™

GPT Summary:
The Yeast Radio episode 1628 is a blend of humor, personal reflections, and socio-political commentary. The host, with their distinct comedic flair, delves into the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict, touches upon anti-Zionism, and reflects on Jewish identity. They also discuss academic and social media culture, intertwining these topics with personal anecdotes. The episode’s tone is a mix of serious discussion and light-hearted humor, offering listeners an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

comedy albums grizelda Mashup

YR1598 Thick or Tapered?

Madge tries to figure out something about shit and then discusses it with Grizelda. Also side 2 of Rusty Warren and some mess.

comedy albums grizelda Podcasts

YR1597 Blimey

Madge talks to Grizelda then obsesses on an annoying InstaTokker. Afterwards, Rusty Warren.


YR1595: Mood:

A transitional mashup. Also side three of The Yiddish Dream

berbacia clemons music

YR1594 Spelling Bee

Berbacia joins Madge for lots of fun followed by side two of The Yiddish Dream.

Broadway hagatha

YR1592 Another Worthless Grum

Featuring Hagathurd. It stinks. Also side two of Mame starring BeaBury. Right, right.

Broadway Roger Smalls solo

YR1591 Solo Blow Out

Madge disgusts her colonoscopy. It’s riveting. Then she reads a letter from Roger about The KWEEN. Finally, side one of Angela and Bea in Mame.

Album Art by John Werner
comedy albums grizelda hagatha

YR1587 Melting Drag Queens and Compounding Fat

Grizelda joins Madge for an obesity update followed by a roach update from Hagatha. Finally, Side 1 of “Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights” by Pat Cooper.

Album Art by John Werner
Chickens grizelda hagatha Opera solo soundscapes

YR1578 Trophy Piss

Madge chats with Grizelda, Hagatha, the chickens, and herself interspersed with arias of the great Zinka Milanov.

  1. Couch rant
  2. Puccini: Gianni Schicchi: O mio bambino caro (all arias turday by Zinka Milanov)
  3. Walk rant
  4. Giordano: Andrea Cheniere: Act III La mamma morta 
  5. Grizelda
  6. Puccini: La Boheme: Act III: Addio del Mimi
  7. Hathathurd
  8. Puccini: Manon Lescaut: Act II: In quelle trine morbide
  9. Chickens
  10. Side 2, Including Verdi’s Otello Act IV: Canzone del slice; Ave Maria and Dvorak’s Ruskala: Act I: O Lovely moon
reading solo

YR1561 Communications

My last grum of the year includes a solo chat, a reading from Studs Terkel’s Working by Madge, and side two of “Lyndon Johnson’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Yeast Radio Album art by John Werner