Nina Levin

This week felt like the 9-11 of podcasting.


By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

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As a listener, it did seem like a crazy week. By the way, I love the image and colors of your site today. Very lovely. Well, after the 9-11 of podcasting, on to to the fight for the Supreme Court. All the best, Madge!

Luckily, most of the old listeners are understanding…which is good considering they accounted for 59.2 percent of my new Appletunes subscribers (after I statistically divided everything up yesterday). Most of my ‘new’ subscribers are not ‘new’ at all, just old listeners using appletunes…ol’ bitches.

Anyway, take care this weekend and maybe things well smooth out. I know I need an AppleTunes detox and a diet dr pepper.

Oh, and I’ll remember to light a firecracker out of my asshole this fourth for ya…unless that space explosion causes the comet to do a u-turn, blowing Earth the hell up.

Madge – You are # 55 in the Netherlands!!! But not on the charts anywhere else … Just how many people did you fuck when you were over there last time? 🙂

Madge I’m watching Live8 and I think you should be on stage throwing stinkin’ panties at people – I love you, you stinkin’ cunt and itunes is gonna make you a household name, you will be at the next live8 (liveaid) in 20 years throwing stinkin’ panties and transmitters at people it’ll be broadcast podcast from mars – heres to Madge and the future – as long as this lesbian is in my ears I’m Happy.
A Toast to the greatest Lesbian in orbit – Madge Weinstein.

Just fucking great! iTunes 4.9 seems to think a lot of my mp3z are quicktime files now, they skip like a motherfucker and won’t play anymore on my goddamn iPod! I uninstalled that shit.

Somehow the new retarded iTunes seems to be very picky about creator/filetype. If you download a podcast directly from the web chances are the filetype will become a movie and won’t play on an iPod. I guess Apple only wants people to use the iTunes store to download.

It can be fixed by using File Buddy, but i’ll stick to 4.8 untill they fix the fucking problem in iTunes.

Creator/filetype, what did they do, dig up some old OS 9 programmer?

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