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yr615 Tree Shapiro is my FAVORITE Listenturd whilst Cheryl is Just an Idiot

h8 the cheryl love the tree

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

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Well, Madge, finally: Steve Harris, an intelligent, engaging guest.

I’m not usually all that impressed with rice-queens but he certainly seems to be an exception to that particular prejudice of mine.

Yeah, I don’t know what happened to Gillmor. He’s a nasty bastard and I love him too.

And, uhm…. Ragan Fox is a pretentious poseur who couldn’t write himself out of a flaming bag of shit. Trust me on this one. What’s he teach at that 3rd rate school of his? How to act like you’re the first fag on earth 101?

To wit: “Ragan Fox has great comic timing, an incredible talent for mimicry, a good sense of storytelling, and tear ducts that could fill the Nile.” — from that significant bastion of authoritative literary criticism, The Austin-American Statesman

I am crying with laughter here reading a literary critic who applauds Ragan’s amazing poetry with a line like: and tear ducts that could fill the Nile.

Oh, the carnage! Lo, the horror!

And the feathered wings, swing out Sister, it’s so ’79. Has he ever traveled outside of the US?

But I don’t have time for this crap. I’ve gotta hurry and catch the ‘hound to Foxwoods down Natick before all those bitches dragging their oxygen tanks take up all the seats at the roulette table.

OH NO HONAYE! Madge, the woman who loves you so dearly is in a bind now! She just LOVES the ragans faux… he is her “favorite podcast”, etc… what should she do?

Perhaps I am also a fan of the Tree now. However, I understand having very active tear ducts, although I have active vagina-wallz instead. You see… I am a squirter, a female ejaculator. When I cum it looks like a waterfall of clear-piss. Don’t be fooled tho, that is my love juice.

Cry me a river honaye.

Oy,Bingo Wing:

Just for the record, Madge is perfectly aware of what I think about Ragan Bullox and the one trick pony he rode in on.

Madge doesn’t like to play the dogs. She has no interest in calculating odds. I don’t give a shit. This is not a love song.


Oh Tree. You sound like an intelligent person. Are you attractive? Are you a man? If you’re attractive and a man would you be my lover and win me lots of money at the Foxwoods?


Listen up ham-hands, I’m only going to say this once. I am a straight non-homophobic man born in 1938. Do the math Bozo.

If you took the time out of your busy schedule and took a look at my FaceBook profile you would realize that my idea of a sexy broad is Angie Dickinson. Some age-appropriate woman like that.

Just as my taste in pr0n is stuck somewhere between Bettie Page and Virginia Bell. I like a story line.

The only reason I listen to Madge is because she’s a real artist, an important comedian of Lenny’s stature (before he went off the deep end). But all you sycophantic putzes miss the point entirely. You have no sense of the history of comedy or probably much else for that matter.

I don’t sound intelligent, I am intelligent.

Intelligent enough to not have to work for a living like some asshole. Intelligent enough to know when to fold. It helps that I can count cards. I could of been a mathematician but I don’t happen to care for cardigans or pocket protectors.

Here’s a little gift for you since you seem so obsessed with scatalogical humor only.

Sell a kidney, Moby.

I am not interested in scatological humor. Scat is disgusting. Anyways. I still like you and would like to convince you to try me on for size. I promise you. I can provide you with heat in the winter and shade in the summer. I know how to cook a lot of really yummy food. I’m just as good (if not better) than that Angie Beast or whoever it was you mentioned. Come on. Just give me a try! That’s all I ask for. Take me to the movies and buy me some popcorn! Oh and a soda. Maybe some Raisinettes, but that’s all it will take. Well. Maybe a dinner after the movie, too. OK, but that’s really all I want. Is that too much to ask for? Please. I’m really lonely.

I smell fish. As in pussy. RANK, rotten pussy honaye. U sure u want some of that? I know u like fish sticks… but this is GINE. Crazy person gine always smells worse. I should know.

but i guess you DESERVE to sit on your ass and not leave the house and “produce a show” so that we can be lucky enough to listen. convenient.

You know. On second thought. Maybe being placed on a lawn chair with about a billion balloons would be kind of nice. That is of course IF it would lift me off of the ground. That way I might be able to get out of Tennessee.

Google Reader doesn’t have a search, which is stupid since it’s a Google product. However there is a Greasemonkey script and some other kind of search thing that I’ve not tried. There is this script too, but it’s probably the same or just another greasemonkey script.

Ok. Whatever. Like anyone cares.

Love the Madge. Love the Steve. Hate the Cheryl. Lesson learned for today.


I apologize for confusing you with Melton. That was unfair and probably unforgivable.

I listened to your podcast about your piano and your kids and was quite moved. Sorry.

I’ve been there and I can empathize with you.

“I dare say” I sincerely hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.

I am in a melancholic mood. I took a bath at foxwoods yesterday.

Once again, please accept my apologies.

I love the fact that Madge hates what most whorehole listeners thought was the best whorehole show. Although you probably don’t care Madge, you are one of my heros and I listen to your show religiously. Although I may not understand your art at times I admire your wisdom and would never stop listening because doing so would leave me like all other teenagers thinking Paris Hilton is the most important person alive. Whether people realize it or not we truly don’t deserve you and you have no obligation to speak. We can and should only be grateful that you do the work you do.

Who was that snobby ass UK guy?
Was he a UK West Hollywood attitude I am so much better than you clone transported to the UK and brought on your show to just convince us all that you are as much of a ass as him?
Well it worked!
Funny is not being a asshole and talking others down.
I do not like you as much as I do not like George Bush now…later.

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