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Yeast Video: B.P. Can you hear me?

I did a 45 minute simulacast today but it’s taking foever to render. This is a sneak previews. Lyps.

By Madge

Lesbian with food allergies.

10 replies on “Yeast Video: B.P. Can you hear me?”

Oh Madge. You are more beautifuller than I remembered in my head.

I worry about your constipation. I don’t want you all stressed out on the toilet. Oh Madge, that is not a way to live.

I want to take you to a craft fair.

I doubt it but if I were I bet gay men would be turning straight just to be ineligible for the encounter. You’ve met me, Madge — didn’t that make you glad you were playing on the other team?

I do like musicals, though. Who knows?

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